The ACT, Corp.
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The ACT, Corp. is providing wide service until becoming trouble correspondence like the performance analyses such as the system, servers, and personal computers, the performance improvements, the maintenance, breakdowns, personal computer repair, and trouble, etc. If a system is downed frequently, or a response is slow and is irritated, the service fall not only to a visitor's business but an end user will pose a big problem. Moreover, it may also become missing a precious business chance. Our company clarifies many of these problems that a system has, and realizes better environment.
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The person troubled by
the trouble of the sudden
personal computer needs
to telephone a cellular
phone directly! Also in
the case of e-mail, he
answers promptly!!

The Art of Computer
Technologies, Corporation.
TEL : +81-3-5953-4815
2013/06 new
The office moved!
sardo and orado performance information gather/edit tools are now updated, and freed!
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